Q: Why does my dads nose whistlel?

A: Like a freight train blowing it’s whistle when I am really sick. … My dad – a sea lion! Whenever we’re at Pier 39 he honks his nose on

Q: What does the name arash mean?

A: The meaning of the name Arash is Hero. The origin of the name Arash is Persian. !

Q: Why is depending on a single crop for your economic needs a bad idea?

A: Depending on just a single crop is bad because if anything happens to it, then you lose your entire economy. !

Q: How many members are in the unificationist church?

A: The Unificationist church has 50,000 US followers and 3 million worldwide. ~

Q: Is the singer of tokio hotel a guy or girl

A: The lead singer of Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz, is a guy. Although he would make a pretty female if he were one! ! Tokio Hotel is a German Emo …

Q: What cars did Michael Jackson own?

A: Michael Jackson owned a 1999 Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph limo with a 24 carat gold interior designed by Jackson himself. ! Michael Jackson had A 500hp tour-bus, Harley Davidson motorcycle …

Q: What are some beaches in San Francisco?

A: Ocean Beach is "pleasant". That might not sound like a very descriptive word but when you are surrounded by a bustling city which offers every activity your imagination might …

Q: How do you say "is that why" in french?

A: The English phrase, ‘is that why’ is translated to French as being, c’est pour cela que.

Q: Who is the ceo of pershing llc in jersey city?

A: Pershing LLC has 21 executives listed for the Jersey City, NJ location. The Chairman and CEO is Richard Brueckner.

Q: What is another word for decapitated?

A: Beheaded, ax, bring to the block, chop off one’s head, decollate, execute and guillotine are all words for decapitated. !

Q: Where is tomatoes in margate?

A: Tomatoes is located at 9300 Amherst Avenue Margate, NJ. Phone: 609-822-7535. Dinner Monday – Sunday 5:00pm – 11:00pm and bar 5:00pm – 2:00am EST. !

Q: Can you join PVC to CPVC with the right glue?

A: There is a PVC/CPVC cement that is perfect for what you need. You should be able to find it at a plumbing store. Try Russell Hardware @ 36280 Woodward …

Q: How many mistresses did president Franklin Roosevelt have?

A: The exact count of mistresses for Franklin D.Roosevelt is unknown but Missy LeHand and Lucy Mercer were two of longest affairs.

Q: Is there going to be a movie made based on Chuck Palahniuk’s book "Invisible Monsters"?

A: Yes, it looks like it will come out in 2010! There is not a lot of information on it though! Keep the questions coming!

Q: If I miss I hit your bush? Its my job to stuff your box, When I come its news? What am I?

A: The answer is that you are the paperboy or in some variations, the newspaper. Those with dirty minds think otherwise.

Q: Is Ben Wemsley worth falling in love with because I really like him.

A: Just have fun, love will happen on it’s own if it’s gonna happen. !

Q: What are the four characteristics of a creation myth

A: Creation myths start w/ theme of birth. And of a mother and father. A supreme being is in most myths. And 1 called diver-myths.

Q: What is the California state math test school requirements?

A: You have to be more specific do you mean requirements to take the test or the school’s requirements from the State?

Q: How high can a fever be without being considered fatal?

A: A fever above 105 F is life-threatening medical emergency & 911 should be called. If above 102 F for 2 days, see a doctor asap!

Q: Where do I find the best fried chicken?

A: Charlie Newton’s Restaurant, 1025 NW 70th St Oklahoma City, OK 73116 Phone: (405) 840-0115 has rave reviews on it’s fried chicken.

Q: What is a cute country name for an Australian heeler? More

A: Magic 8 Ball says that two cute country names for an Australian heeler are Margie and Salem.

Q: What kind of degrees can you graduate with?

A: You can graduate from college with a Bachelors of Science, Bachelors of Arts, or many other Bachelors degrees. soon!

Q: Who wrote the song and performed the 7th Heaven theme song

A: Steve Plunkett wrote and performed the 7th Heaven theme song. Would you like the lyrics? !

Q: Who plays Miss Minchen in a Little Princess?

A: Eleanor Bron plays Miss Minchin in the movie A Little Princess(1995). !

Q: What if your three weeks late and have taken a pregnancy test?

A: If pregnancy is ruled out, there could be many reasons why your period is late such as stress, illness, change in schedule or medications. Consult with your doctor. !

Q: What earthquake happened during the world series in the 90’s?

A: In 1989, an earthquake struck during Game 3 of the World Series. !